HWZ Trip to Israel “Digital Masterclass”

Aktualisiert: 2. Juni 2020

In the beginning of June 2019, we were pleased to host a business delegation from Switzerland who came here to Israel to disclose the secret of Israel’s Start-up Nation.  In Cooperation with Olivier Flueckiger we prepared a very intensive program with visits to Israeli most innovative start-ups and innovation companies.

We visited high tech companies, VCs, big and small start-ups and met a huge number of people who are passionate about their business and work. We asked a lot of questions to discover „behind the scenes“ of Israeli enterprenuerial and innovative spirit. We met Swiss Ambassador who showed the current political, economical and cultural situation in Israel and pointed the mutual projects and perspectives of Swiss-Israel partnerships.

Excitement, thrillness, schock, amusement, surprise – all these emotions we experienced during our tour and sometimes during the day) 

Please have a look at our pictures and read the blogs of HWZ-Delegation who lovely and exactly illustrated all the trip’s highlights!



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